Executive Healthcare

Executive Healthcare

What is an Executive Health Program?

   An  executive medical is a comprehensive health assessment that screens for early detection of risk factors for diabetes, cancer, heart disease or stroke. Commonly offered by corporations to protect the well-being of their top executives, many active members of the general public are signing up for these assessments to be proactive in their healthcare. Many people have found that the annual physical done by the family doctor does not provide them with the peace of mind they desire. It is also inefficient as it requires several visits to several locations, disrupting work and leisure time. Early detection can save lives and improve outcomes.


  • Avoid waiting in line at the lab. A paramedical will come to your home or office to draw blood at your convenience
    • Diabetes screen
    • Full cholesterol panel
    • Complete blood count
    • Screening for liver and kidney function
  • One hour consultation with a nutritionist
  • Fitness assessment regarding exercises to improve flexibility, strength and cardio-fitness
  • Evaluation including resting EKG, treadmill stress test with continuous EKG monitoring and a heart ultrasound to assess heart muscle and valve function
  • Review of immunization history
  • Review cancer screening
  • An unhurried consultation with a Cardiologist/Internist
  • A comprehensive printed report of your test results, current health status, and actions you can take to improve your well-being.

   A comprehensive executive health assessment as described above is not covered by OHIP. This level of care was usually only available to top corporate executives who are sponsored by their employers. While executive physicals in Toronto or Ottawa can cost upwards of $2,500, our price is substantially lower with added savings from travel costs that are avoided. Our goal has been to make this comprehensive program affordable to anyone in south-west Ontario who wants to be proactive about their health. In order to keep your out-of-pocket costs to a minimum, we will refer you to OHIP facilities and specialists for any care that is deemed medically necessary by our physicians. We can provide access to our network of top specialists.

  We offer a variety of packages at different price points. We prefer to work with your family physician (so we can keep your costs down by not repeating any tests you may already have had), however,we can also arrange an assessment without a referral. Please call us to discuss your specific health concerns to see which package is best for you.

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